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Anka, Lukas & Ely | December 2022

Argentina with kids

A long-distance trip with a small child - is it possible? It must be! Because our curiosity about Argentina and South America was too big. A country on a continent that we had not yet visited. Accordingly, our questions in the run-up to the trip were numerous. What was the best way to get around in the country? Where would we find family-friendly accommodations? Which region is good to explore with a small child?

Marina and Christian supported us very well in our search for answers. We quickly found a perfect itinerary for four weeks of travel: the starting and ending point was Buenos Aires, and for the rest of the time we headed south to Bariloche, where we set up our vacation home.

We spent about a week in the Argentine capital. This gave us the opportunity to arrive relaxed, acclimatize and get in touch with the country and its people. We found a nice place to stay in Palermo, a district in the north of the city, which delighted us with its many cafés and restaurants, small boutiques and relaxed atmosphere. Marina and Christian had already provided us with great excursion tips in advance. For the next few days we had a wide range of activities to choose from, depending on our mood and especially on the needs of our little son. We roamed through the districts of Recoleta, La Boca, San Telmo, Monserrat - each with its own flair: traditional cafés, colorful house facades, large market hall or cool harbor scene. Our tip if the hustle and bustle becomes too much: the spacious Parque Tres de Febrero invites you to relax when temperatures rise.

The exciting time in the metropolis was followed by quieter weeks in Patagonia, in the south of the country near the border with Chile. We found the perfect starting point in Bariloche. Still well supplied with many excursion destinations by Marina and Christian, we started from here (day) hikes on the surrounding mountains. Cerro Otto, Cerro Llao Llao and Cerro Campanario impressed us with breathtaking views. The ascents were easy to master even with a child and a backpack thanks to sufficiently paved paths, which were often shaded by trees and bushes. To compensate, we liked to spend the afternoons on one of the many beaches of the great Nahuel Huapi and the surrounding lakes. If we didn't feel like hiking, we explored the towns and cities in the area with the car we rented. Colonia Suiza and El Bolsón attracted us with colorful handicraft markets, Villa La Angostura invited us to relax on the sandy beach after a stroll through town. Our highlight during this time was the boat trip to Puerto Blest: After the boat trip through a unique natural scenery, numerous but sure-footed steps lead through the forest along the Cascada de los Cántaros to Lago los Cantaros. Here you have a clear view of the eastern peaks of Chile - beautiful! 

Our conclusion: A long-distance trip with a small child - it's possible! During the planning and on site Marina and Christian supported us fabulously. They helped us with tips and advice, researched our questions, made possible what at first seemed impossible and thus made our great adventure in South America an unforgettable experience.

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