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We are Marina and Christian - the founders of Aventura Austral! Our love for Patagonia brought us together in 2017 and connected us from then on. Many wonderful moments and experiences in South America & Europe followed. In 2021 we realized our dream by founding Aventura Austral. Click on our photos to learn more about us!

Marina & Christian (El Calafate)


Aventura Austral stands for adventure and experience, let`s go south! Inspiring people with the special spirit of Patagonia and giving them a unique travel experience are our greatest motivation. We combine the values of the Argentinean and German culture and want to live our common passion for this region and pass it on through a maximum of authenticity and trust. This is what we stand for with our values:

Our passion for the Patagonia region is the base of Aventura Austral. It is the origin of our idea and our most important companion. We want to live our passion.

First and foremost we want to be one thing: ourselves. We stand for what we are about and convince our partners and our clients with positive thinking and authentic action.

Our responsibility for the Patagonia region includes its nature and environment as well as its society and thus the people who live in and from it. In all our business activities, responsibility is in the first place, with the objective to develop the region in a sustainable and positive way.

Trust is the key to success and combines honesty, open-mindedness and reliability. It is the link that holds everything together and from which our drive is derived: Gaining, maintaining and conveying trust.


Experiencing the special spirit of Patagonia influences people in their attitudes and actions in terms of appreciating and respecting our planet and in our society. With Aventura Austral we contribute our part through the realization of unique travel experiences and the sustainable positive development of the Patagonia region.

Marina & Christian (El Chaltén)
Marina & Christian (Villa La Angostura)
Marina & Christian (El Chaltén)
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