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Lisa & Tobi | October 2022

Hi travel lovers!

We would like to give you some insights onto our holidays in Argentina & Chile!

In general we are a very organized couple and plan normally our trips on our own, and also love to do that, but this time we felt uncomfortable and were a bit lazy because we knew less about the country Argentina and therefore trusted somebody who is an expert for those countries and especially Patagonia. We found aventuraaustral in instagram and we liked a lot the pictures and also the very modern style of their agency within their online presence. 

This is not a random feedback, this is 100% honest and real: we loved the trip trough Patagonia and we recommend everyone to plan Argentina or Chile holidays (or just single activities) with aventuraaustral, because:

1. They recommended us the highlights of Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

2. They structured 3/4 weeks (we stayed 3 weeks together in Argentina, Lisa one week more in Chile) really good for us and gave us space for our  own wishes

3. They provided a very structured google drive link with all information: travel plan, vouchers for flights, busses and rental cars

4. They reserved restaurants and activities for us

5. They sent us daily recommendations inkl. Restaurants and activities 

6. They were always available and created a WhatsApp group for us and were also so helpful in unplanned situations (we got a cold in the 3. week, organized early check ins etc.)

It is a pity that they “only” organize tours in Argentina and Chile - We would always book holidays like that with them! 

But we go to know that those two countries are so so huge that we can easily come again and do another program with other highlights!

Thank you very very very much again for the wonderful time in Argentina & Chile! 


Lisa & Tobi (from Germany)

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