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Marie & Friends | December 2022

Nature Adventure Trip through Patagonia!


We were in Chile at the end of our semester abroad and wanted to experience something else. The fascinating nature of Patagonia excited us very much. We only had about a week for a trip before we had to leave for our individual destinations. In the short time we wanted to experience as much as possible. At the same time, it should save our travel budget, which is why we decided pretty quickly that we wanted to travel through Patagonia on the Argentinean side instead of Chile. Marie got in touch with Aventura Austral through a private recommendation. She had already had a very good experience with them during a short trip to Mendoza in Argentina. And because the support back then was so sympathetic and uncomplicated, Aventura Austral was contacted directly for this next trip. Their wide network, detailed local knowledge and reliable organization are unbeatable. Especially if you - like us - want to experience the best in the country. Admittedly, we were skeptical at first about the longer trip, because all our previous trips were spontaneous and based on recommendations from other travelers. Would we theoretically get away more favorably in self-organization? Retrospective conclusion: No, we did not have the feeling! Every accommodation, every booking, every service was so great. We always had the impression of an extremely fair price-performance ratio.

Our Patagonia Adventure started with a flight from Santiago de Chile to Buenos Aires. Already here Aventura Austral showed maximum flexibility, because the three of us each needed individual arrival/departure arrangements. Our back and forth they have taken us super relaxed and flexible and implemented😉 Thanks again at the point! After a great short stay in Buenos Aires, we left our super located hostel early the next morning and flew to El Calafate. We had a fantastic hostel in that town. Still, the region scores with the breathtaking glacier that every traveler who comes to El Calafate must visit. On the recommendation of Aventura Austral, we pre-booked the transfer and boat trip through them. Still flashed by the glacier, we set off the following day by bus to El Chaltén. El Chaltén is virtually the Eldorado for hikers and the goal to catch the chance of a cloud-free view of the famous Fitz Roy. With bright sunshine we arrived in the small town over which the Fitz Roy towers were emblazoned. Incredibly beautiful! With hiking recommendations in hand, we set out on two 20 km hikes through the region over the next few days and couldn't get out of our amazement.

With all the incredible impressions, we already went back to Buenos Aires. For us totally relaxed, because Aventura Austral has pre-booked and instructed everything in advance. Overall, the support is very comprehensive without being intrusive:
- Already with the detailed, creative offer you can imagine the trip.
- Your happiness is the most important! You always have the co-decision.
- After confirmation, you will receive a comprehensive travel package via a Google Doc. All travel tickets and various recommendations per region/place are included there.
- Before, during and after the tour we were in-time contact via a WhatsApp group.
- A few days before the end, we had a zoom call to go over the upcoming trip and any open questions.
- During the trip, a daily message greeted us about the day we had experienced and at the same time provided us with a briefing about the following day with weather forecast, summary of upcoming stops and restaurant and activity recommendation.

Our trip in one sentence: all-inclusive package with full flexibility for unique experiences.
Aventura Austral does not only offer the standard pre-organized and scheduled tours. If you want that - no problem, that is also possible and everything is booked in advance for you. We wanted to leave ourselves the freedom to decide on the spot and in the moment what we want to do. Aventura Austral gave us this freedom and that was great! With a look at the daily briefing sheet, we were able to organize the day as we wanted based on their recommendations. If we wanted to have already pre-booked something, a short contact via our WhatsApp was enough and a few hours later we received the confirmation and all the details.

We have enjoyed the whole very much and were at many times happy and grateful to the team of Aventura Austral.

Do it you will enjoy!😉

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