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We support you in the areas of experience, recover and travel - according to your individual needs, your own ideas and wishes, combined with our very personal tips and recommendations - to realize your unique Patagonia experience.

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nature - gastronomy - culture

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Trying out, getting to know and collecting experiences makes your Patagonia adventure special. According to your preferences, we wil give you personal recommendations for a tailor-made experience of the exceptional nature, gastronomy and culture - and if it suits you, we will book them directly for you. The endless expansion invites you to go hiking, trekking and horseback riding. Imposing peaks and glaciers call mountain lovers to spectacular views. Rushing rivers are a paradise for kayaking and rafting fans. Whether in the midst of one of the impressive national parks or in particularly remote locations, the region's unspoiled nature can be experienced in a variety of ways. A wide selection of traditional restaurants, local breweries and regional wineries, as well as culinary events to participate in, are Patagonian gastronomic highlights for gourmet lovers. By working on a typical "Gaucho Estancia", participating in a "Curanto Fiesta" or visiting an indigenous Mapuche comunity in its natural territory, you will be immersed for a moment in the Patagonian culture.



camping - hostel - hotel - cabin


For your authentic Patagonia experience, we recommend selected accommodations, those whose owners are families that embrace Patagonian hospitality from the heart and do their best to combine relaxing coziness and telling about Patagonian traditions during your stay. Depending on your travel preferences, we offer a wide range of accommodation options. Staying in a tent at a private campsite in one of Patagonia's impressive national parks is certainly the most original option. Otherwise, simple backpacker hostels, called "refugios" in the mountains, offer a more comfortable alternative. In addition, you will find traditional, family-run hotels of various categories with the necessary comfort. Typical cabins in the countryside also open their doors to travelers who prefer a particularly independent rest with their own catering.



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The Patagonia region covers over one million km² and is divided into Western and Eastern Patagonia along the Andes Cordillera. This results in very different distances when traveling through the region, as you can see on the map. According to your travel wishes and your individual ideas, we plan the way of transportation as part of your Patagonia experience. Upon your request, we can organize personal transfer shuttles between destinations with short distances, offer rental car solutions as a self-drive option, and book tickets for comfortable buses for longer distances, flights with Argentine or Chilean airlines for destinations within Argentina and Chile as well as international flights to get to South America.

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